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Being as skincare and makeup obsessed as I am, I have a number of newish products that I have been l-o-v-i-n-g lately. Let's jump right into it.

NIVEA In-Shower Nourishing Lotion. I'm the worst at moisturizing after I shower, which is terrible because I suffer from very dry skin and if I don't moisturize, I get itchy. This stuff is my saving grace. You apply it in-shower after you've used your shower gel and wash it right off. Boom. You're done. Post-shower, your pins are perfectly moisturized and good to go. My only complaint is that the smell is not great. It says that it's almond oil, but to me it just smells like cheap drugstore body wash—you know the smell.

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo. This shit is so overpriced, but it is the best darn dry shampoo I have ever used. Let me preface this by saying that I hate dry shampoo. I am one of those people who has to was their hair every day, otherwise I feel dirty everywhere. Dry shampoo usually doesn't help, but this stuff is AMAZING. It smells like the rest of the Moroccanoil line, doesn't leave white marks on my hair, and is actually bearable for me to use and go about my day. Well done, Moroccanoil.

NIVEA Daily Essentials Sensitive 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water. Surprisingly enough, another favorite comes straight from the drugstore. I am a big fan of the Bioderma micellar water for both taking off my makeup and serving as a first cleanse in the evening. Bioderma is around $20 for the mid-sized bottle. This stuff is $10 and does just as good of a job as Bioderma. I've been pleasantly surprised with Nivea as of late.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads. Holy exfoliation. Now for a story. I've dabbled in toners since I first started using higher end skincare in junior high school. I think that most people who started off with Clinique's 3 step program can speak to the same experience. The thing is that I've never found one that I really love, so lately I'll buy one, use it up, and then ditch all toners for a few months until I feel the need to try a new one. As of late, I've decided to ditch traditional toners and try a one-two punch of these followed by a hydrating mist. So far so good. These bad boys deliver some serious exfoliation—so much so that I've been nixing using any other exfoliating products for the fear of overdoing it. So far, I've noticed a lot more brightness in my skin, which is amazing. Dullness is a big skincare issue for me and these have really been helping.

CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara. I no longer believe in high end mascara. Sure, they're nice, but you can get mascara at the drugstore that is just as nice for a fraction of the price. This one is my new favorite by far. It offers volume, lengthening and thickening all at the same time in a really deep black. Good stuff.

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop. I couldn't help myself. This is the first highlighter that I have ever used and I'm really enjoying it. I use it in tandem with a contour product, applying this one just on the high points of my cheeks, and it looks like beams on my face. In a good way.

NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in Dione. I love NARS so much. This has been my go-to going-out eyeshadow colour since I got it. Paired with right-hand shade in their Bellissima Duo-Eyeshadow popped in the crease and you've got a gorgeous sorta smoky eye. I tend to use the product dry, but when used wet it creates the craziest pigment.



Laura Mercier Mineral Powder in Real Sand. When I last ran out of powder, I decided to ditch the translucent stuff I was using. I liked it a lot (I was using Laura Mercier, as well), but I wanted a little bit more coverage on top of the liquid foundation I was using. This stuff has not disappointed! I like the finish and will likely buy again.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation in Light Neutral. I. love. this. stuff. Sam had told me about it, and I always figured it was too heavy coverage for what I like or wanted. I was having some bad skin times, so I purchased this in hopes to feel better about it when I put on makeup. It has not disappointed—this is my second time purchasing. While it is a heavy coverage, I apply it with a damp beauty blender and it does not feel too thick or cakey. I love the coverage and will continue to use it. I typically have issue with foundation flaking (I have dry skin) and that hasn't been an issue at all since I've been using this foundation.

Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins - Mega-Bright SPF-30 Moisturizer. I was using a really great Ole Henriksen moisturizer with SPF for a little while, and when I ran out, I went to Sephora to replace it. Sadly, I found out that they had discontinued the product. Needless to say, I was a little crushed. One of the Sephora girls recommended this Origins moisturizer to me, and I decided to try it out. I like it more than the one I was using before! It's a light moisturizer, but I find it really soaks into the skin. I like how bouncy it feels and how it sits on my face. I use this in the AM before applying makeup. I'll buy it again!

Starbucks You are Here Collection. Well. I started collecting the Starbucks mugs. I always saw them at the store, thought they were cute, but figured I really didn't need it. Well, I certainly don't need any more mugs, but after seeing other people's collections... I decided to start collecting the mugs. I have a few now from my most recent Canadian travels and I look forward to visiting other places to collect other ones. They're cute and hold a lot of liquids! I'm cool... right?


Tips for Staying Organized in School and in Life

As students who are also employed and try to have a social life, we get it – life can be a little crazy sometimes. If you’re anything like us, it’s easy to be motivated at the beginning of the semester only to become overwhelmed and drop the ball by the time midterms roll around. To help you coast your way through to finals, we’re sharing some of our tips and tricks to keep you on track.

Keep a Day-Planner
Paper planner, on your phone, online… Whatever it may be, get yourself a day planner. We are big fans of the good old-fashioned paper day-timer, though are crazy enough to use all three options to keep ourselves on track. A big convenience of purchasing electronics from the same brand is that you’ll be able to sync up your calendars, a sad fact that Sam realized after purchasing her Samsung phone that is not at all compatible with her MacBook Pro.

Write in all of your assignments in your planner at the beginning of the semester, as well as work and whatever other commitments you might have. It makes it super easy to look ahead to what you’ve got going on next week.

Write a To-Do List
In that same vein, writing a to-do list is very helpful for determining how you should manage your day. By writing out everything (big or small) that you need to do, you have prioritize the most important to least important tasks at hand. There are numerous apps that allow you to create to-do lists electronically (Wunderlist, ToDoist and TeuxDeux are great options), but we find that there is a certain satisfaction that comes from crossing items off the list in real life.

By planning out your week ahead of time, it makes it a lot easier to set up your to-do list and accomplish your goals.

A Tidy Workspace
Some may find that getting schoolwork done at school is their best option to avoid distractions. We are not those people. Gabi is in an online program and Sam likes to have her own stuff around her, so working at home works for us. Sam lives in a teeny tiny downtown apartment, and having a tidy space is key to successfully getting down to work.

Self Control
…Is hard to have, right? It is so easy to get distracted by the Internet and our cellphones that sometimes you need a helping hand to get rid of those distractions for you. In comes Self Control, an extension for Mac that allows you to blacklist websites that you find most distracting for a chosen length of time. Boom – buh-bye distractions. Just make sure to hide your cellphone.

The Pomodoro Method
Gabi brought this one at some point over our university careers, and it’s now Sam’s preferred method for getting through lengthy readings. The Pomodoro method is essentially a productive way to study. What you do is set a timer for 20 minutes of work followed by a 5-minute break. Repeat this four times before taking a ten-minute break. There is a convenient website that does the timing for you that can be found here.

Restaurant Review: Re:Grub Burger Bar

If there is one food that I love, it is a great burger. After years as a vegetarian, it’s a wonder how I arrived at a place where a nice juicy meat patty with a side of sweet potato fries and aioli can bring me so much joy. If there is a burger on a restaurants menu, I’m 90% likely to order it.

There are numerous restaurants in Calgary that boast an impressive burger in their repertoire, but no unique burger joints other than the infamous Peter’s Drive-In or other fast food joints. In comes Re:Grub, who opened their doors on 11th Ave at the end of June. When I first heard about Re:Grub, I took a glance at their social media and decided that I didn’t want to go there. A new, hip eatery should have a handle on their social media to get the word out (right? Am I the only one who thinks this?) and they frankly did not. After a few weeks of being around and hearing some reviews from friends, I finally changed my opinion and Zach and I headed there for dinner.

Re:Grub has 10 unique burgers, three breakfast options, salads, three types of fries, beer pairings, non-alcoholic beverages, and milkshakes (boozy or not). They boast their products all being made-in-house or local. Re:Grub operates in a fast-casual manner whereby you order at the till and they bring out your food in a surprisingly timely manner. We went on a Friday night and came just at the right time – a number of large groups followed us in, filling up the small joint.

Zach got the Smoke N’ Fire ($12), described as “Alberta grass-fed beef, smoky potato threads, jalapeno jack cheese, tomato, pickled habanero, butter lettuce and spicy aioli.” I opted for the Eureka! ($14.5), a “butter spiked Albertan grass-fed sirloin beef, gouda, thick cut bacon, fried shallots, butter lettuce and tomato relish.” On the side, we shared sweet potato fries ($4) with spicy aioli and truffles fries ($6).

Our burgers were good. Most notably for me was the bun – it was nice and buttery. Zach founds his burger a bit too spicy, but I suppose that’s what you get for ordering a burger appropriately named Smoke N’ Fire. What really stood out for us and will likely keep us coming back for more were the truffle fries. Good gracious. I am always more of a sweet potato fry girl, but these fries might make me a convert. They are a skinnier potato fry topped with asiago cheese, herbs and some sort of truffle, giving the fries a deliciously earthy flavor as truffles do.

Overall, we had a good dining experience at Re:Grub. The wait time was short and staff friendly, The burgers were tasty, though the fries were really what stood out. Given the venue and quality of the food, we found it a bit pricey, but perhaps the premium accounts for premium ingredients. Thanks to those asiago truffle fries, I’ll forgive their lack of social media expertise.

- S.

Re:Grub Burger Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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